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ProModSkin is here to give you the best mods for your favorite games. We want help you choose your mods by compiling every available mods out there. Our top gaming mods are:

League Of Legends

mod skin lolIn this case, you have two options to change your champion’s default skin. Go and follow the instructions in this link: Download For Mod Skin LoL

All the details that you need to play LOL with mod skin are written on that page so be sure to follow it. There’s also a video on how to use the mod properly to avoid any errors.

Mods are quite approved by Riot Games (somehow) because I’m not seeing anyone who were banned by using mod skin lol. Just to give you heads up, you’re the only one who can see the modification.

DoTA 2

mod skin dota 2To play with customized skin in DOTA 2, you need to go and follow the instructions from this page: mod skin dota 2 .

You can find all the needed instructions to play DOTA 2 with mod skin. As for now, customized skin for heroes in DOTA 2 are allowed by Valve because you’re not violating any of their policy and the user (you) is the only person that can see this mod. In short, your teammates and opponent won’t see any of your custom skin.


Dragon Age: Inquisition Mods