Mod Skin LoL (FREE DOWNLOAD) 2018

This mod skin lol is for League of Legends, which is developed by Riot Games. This game is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where every team has five players each. Each team needs to take down enemy towers and Nexus, the heart of every team’s base. As of now, there are millions of players around the world who plays LoL either professionally or casual.

In League of Legends, your character is referred as champion and every champion wears a ‘skin‘ or cosmetics. Normally, these skins can be bought through official LoL client depending on your country and it cost you some dollars.

But don’t worry, this custom skin download for LoL is free and you can use it wherever you are. Meaning, if you live in the Philippines, Brasil, North America, Vietnam, etc., you are free to use it and all you need to do is download the program called LoL Pro or Mod Skin LoL you’re good to go.

mod skin lol


Before downloading mod skins for lol, you may want to take your time to read this frequently asked questions.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any ban that may happen on your account. Use it at your own risk.

Can you get banned for using custom skin/mod skin?

This is a very important question because we all don’t want to lose our account by using a modification for our champion. Most of the time, people don’t get ban because you are not changing the entire gameplay and balance of the game.

This thread from League of Legends NA asks the same question and people started to respond with positive feedbacks and of course there’s still risks, which leads to the next question.

What are the risks of using custom skin?

The number one downside of using the customized skin is when you’re updating the client. There are some instances that you need to re-install League of Legends, but those cases are rare.

And to add some point, there are some extreme cases where accounts are getting banned. It’s still not proven why those accounts are banned, but 95% of the time Riot has reason.

Here’s some threads that you may want to read before using the mod skin:

Remember, getting perma ban by using mod or custom skins are very rare. Just come to think of it, you’re the only one who can see the changes and you’re not changing the entire algorithm of the game. Plus, there’s no one who can provide screenshot that you are using the program except you do it by yourself.

Some skins (the legal skins) can actually gives you an advantage because of their effects on skills. Imagine using a Steel Legion Lux and using her ultimate. Your enemy can’t see it until Lux is finished releasing the laser, it is very thin that gives your enemy little to no chance of dodging it.

How To Use LoL Pro Mod Skin

Step 1: Open your League of Legends account

Step 2: Assuming that you already downloaded the mod, go to the file location and open it.

Step 3: Select your preferred champion that you want to apply the custom skin.

Step 4: Enjoy playing the game!

Note: You can use the mod skin prior opening the official League of Legends client. You can also use the mod even the LoL client is running. But make sure that you’re not queuing for a match before using it or else it won’t work.

LoL Pro Mod Skin Download

Mod Skin LoL (FREE DOWNLOAD) 2018
Article Name
Mod Skin LoL (FREE DOWNLOAD) 2018
This mod skin lol mod helps you customize your League of Legends champion to make it look good and awesome. Just read and follow the instructions below.

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