Various Squadmate and NPC Outfit Recolours

Various Squadmate and NPC Outfit Recolours

Author: JDim


Here you’ll find all of my texture mods.

Various recolours of squadmates & NPC’s including PeeBee, Cora, Liam, Jaal, Vetra, Suvi, Lexi, Initiative Armour + Underarmours, Nexus Guards, Addison, Alec Ryder, Captain Dunn, Various Human NPC’s on the nexus and beyond and the Pathfinder Team from the prologue.

– PeeBee Black Jacket
– PeeBee Black Shorts (Both Jacket and Shorts required for total colour conversion)
– PeeBee Red Jacket varient added by request.
If you have the red jacket and it’s showing up as black, download Black Shorts v1.1
– Vetra Black White And Red added. VANILLA TORSO ISSUE FIXED IN V1.1
– Vetra Black and Red Alternate Armour added.
– Vetra Red Face Marking added.
– Jaal Red and Black outfit added.
– Jaal Black Cape added.
– Liam Red Tint added.
– Liam Black and Red Armour added by request.
– Cora Red Tint added.
– Cora Black and Red added.
– Ryder Shirts to Red AI Logo added.
– Ryder Shirts to Black with Red AI Logo added.
– Initiative Casual to Black added. — VANILLA LIAM ISSUE FIXED IN V2.1
– Initiative Badges to Red added.
– Initiative Armour added.
Please be aware using ‘Initiative Armour’ will limit how tintable the Initiative Armour is in-game.
I don’t know if theres anything I can do about that…
– Sloane Black Scarf added.
– Medical Outfit Recolour added.
– Drack Black added.

Other mods in screenshots:
Lexi Tweak by Ellise
Cora Tweak by Ellise
Young Sloane by Ellise
Suvi Tweak by Ellise
Headphones Be Gone by Skaramoosh
Rebel Ryder’s Complexion by Tipsqueak
More Professional-looking Addison by Oomek
Unmasked Peebee by Yeul
PeeBee’s Eyes by Munchyfly (

My Mods:
NEW CORA (HEAD SWAP) by JDim and crayti
Cora Redux (WIP) by crayti – Continuation of my Cora Mod.

These mods are just personal retextures i’m sharing. If the quality isn’t up to scratch, not much I can say other than sorry.
I may improve on them with time, but no promises, i’m a very busy man and this is just for fun.

I don’t know much about troubleshooting but i’ll try and help if I can.

Install using FrostyModManager –

[OLD] Frosty Tool Suite – How To Install Mods With Frosty Mod Manager

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