Shut up SAM

Shut up SAM

Author: watafuzz


Remove SAM comments about temperature, radiation, mining and life support being restored. Keeps his comments about life support being low/failing because they can be useful.

Added an optional file to remove the team’s comments about temperature and the worm on Eladeen, now Ryder will actually focus on people trying to kill them while taking the flophouse rather than whine about the heat.

Added an optional file to remove SAM’s comments about unspent AVP by request.

Check out my other mod to remove some other annoying comments.


Use Eham Frosty Mod Manager:

See here for a tutorial on how to do that:

[OLD] Frosty Tool Suite – How To Install Mods With Frosty Mod Manager

Thanks to WV for his MEAExplorer and Ehamloptiran for his Frosty Editor.



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